equiteacher one way

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offerte one way instruction set
instruction set equiteacher 
2 coach 16 riders 
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2transmitter equiteacher € 99,00€ 198,00
16receiver equiteacher€ 79,00€ 1.264,00
16ears model 16€ 12,50€ 200,00
2microphone omni€ 9,95€ 19,90
18charging cord€ 1,00€ 18,00
18charger€ 1,00€ 18,00
set price€ 1.717,90
set discount€ 309,22
total€ 1.408,68

The basic model of Equiteacher is a digital wireless instruction system with a transmitter and a receiver with an open connection between instructor and rider, so that up to 500 m away there is a direct connexion of your instructor without noise, interference or delay.

The Equiteacher only has a listening function for the rider, there is a continuous open connection so there is no delay in speech or bits of sentence fall away. Moreover, the transmission and reception quality is of perfect quality! Simply clear and clear, it looks like your instructor is always standing next to you.Using this Equiteacher instuction system gives more intensive instruction during your lessons and offers discretion when driving loose for your competition.This Equiteacher has a stereo connection so that both mono and stereo earphones can be used. Due to the small size, the very light weight and the built-in antenna, Equiteacher is an extremely user-friendly system, whereby you do not notice that you have it with you during your training. Once driven with an Equiteacher and you never want to be without it again!


  • Supplied ready for use
  • The device has 40 channels (in 2 banks)
  • listening function
  • Screen with connectivity, battery and volume status
  • Range between 150 and 500 meters in practice
  • Replaceable * battery with 10 hours of use
  • 3.5 mm input jacket for earpiece (you can also connect your own (telephone) earphones)
  • Format: 6 x 4 x 1.5 cm
  • Charger
  • Earpiece with reinforced cable
  • Clip microphone with windshield
  • Unlimited expansion with receivers
  • Instructions