CEECOACH plus DUO set bluetooth instruction set

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The new CEECOACH PLUS communication system has been further improved. This system can be used with a maximum of 16 people, in addition, the range has been increased to a maximum of 700 meters*
That makes this system ideal for harness racing, for example.
The CEECOACH Plus uses active speech recognition, so you don't have to press a button to speak.

•Usable for up to 16 people
•Can be paired with the push of 1 button
•700 meter range*
•Multiple mounting options
•Waterproof up to 1 meter
•Encrypted voice connection
•Hands-free communication
• manual CLICK HERE

•2 x clip holder
•2 x belt clip
•2 x Velcro
•2 x screwdriver
•2 x Headset
•2 x USB-C cable
•1 x quick start guide

*range in practice depending on the circumstances (minimum 60 meters)

The new sporty looking CEECOACH PLUS is even more improved. This system can be used with a maximum of 16 people and has a range of up to 700 meters. The CEECOACH Plus has active speech recognition, so it is no longer necessary to operate the buttons.

CEECOACH PLUS The CEECOACH PLUS outdoor communication system is the ideal team partner for sports and leisure activities for up to 16 participants. Experience more together: the new communication system CEECOACH PLUS from peiker CEE keeps you connected in every situation. Make group sports a special experience with outdoor activities for up to 16 users. CEE Intercom Technology provides a secure network with a range of up to 700 meters. The CEECOACH PLUS uses active speech recognition - no more pressing buttons to speak. It also allows easy communication, familiarization with the environment and the shared enjoyment of sports. The CEECOACH PLUS makes it all possible.

CEECOACH PLUS - Simultaneous Speaking Share experiences in real time. The CEECOACH PLUS outdoor communication system is the ideal team partner for group sports and leisure activities. Ski touring is more fun because with the CEECOACH PLUS you stay in touch with the group. With full-duplex data transmission, up to 16 users can talk to each other simultaneously. The CEECOACH PLUS optimizes team coordination and interaction with simultaneous, hands-free communication - at a range of up to 700 meters. No more pressing buttons to speak like with walkie-talkies. Foresight increases safety in the group - avoid unexpected detours on your next mountain bike adventure. Get a clear view, be able to react in advance - the CEECOACH PLUS promotes shared experiences as well as user safety, whether you are cycling downhill, ski touring or hiking.

CEECOACH PLUS - Easy pairing Go for any situation. Whether you're snowboarding with friends in the snowy Alps or taking a group horseback ride in cross-country skiing: the One-Click-To-Connect system quickly connects all users. Our specially developed CEE intercom technology creates a private network between the CEECOACH PLUS units. And unlike smartphones or radios, it works independently of Wi-Fi, cellular or radio networks. If a rider sprints far ahead of the pack, the Re-Connect feature will reconnect all users once the distance is closed. If the next outing involves the same users, there is no need to pair devices.

CEECOACH PLUS - Robust and waterproof The perfect partner for every situation. The CEECOACH PLUS has a degree of protection IP67 and can be used in all weather conditions: rain, short immersion in water and very cold or hot temperatures have no effect on the CEECOACH PLUS. The housing is dustproof and shockproof for complete protection when things get turbulent on the slopes or MTB track. Enjoy the view for as long as you want during your ski trip - the CEECOACH PLUS has a battery life of up to 18 hours.

Scope of supply

2 x CEECOACH PLUS 2 x clip holder 2 x belt clip 2 x Velcro straps 2 x screwdriver 2 x headset 2 x USB-C cable 2 x quick start guide Technical specifications Dimensions (W x HXD): 97 x 57 x 22 mm Weight: 96 g Bracket: Clip lockable in 90° steps, Velcro wrist strap, lanyard Number of keys: 5 keys Color case: black Color key: black Battery type: Lithium-ion battery, 2000 mAh Operating time (battery life): Up to 18 hours Operating temperature: -10° C to 45 ° C Charging time / charging time: up to 3 hours. Ambient temperature for battery charging: +5°C to +45°C Charging method: USB-C, USB-A

Participants - Number of persons: 2-16 participants Range: up to 700 m² Communication technology: Full duplex, CEE Intercom technology Device link: One-Click-To-Connect Speech processing: Voice Activity Detection (VAD) Headset connection: Bluetooth headset or standard 3.5 mm jack Wireless standard: Bluetooth® 5.0 Supported headset profiles: Headset profile (HSP) Protection class: IP67 (waterproof - temporary immersion: 30 min to 1 m depth, dustproof, shockproof). Certification: CE (Europe), FCC (US), ISED (Canada), ACMA (Australia) Update: via USB