Voicebridge tegen corona

The VoiceBridge is a simple audio setup in which two speakers are placed on both sides of a window or counter.

The speakers activate themselves as soon as movement is detected by the built-in sensors.

In this way, the VoiceBridge guarantees maximum safety for you and your customer!
• communicate clearly and effortlessly
• automatic activation and deactivation of the intercom system
• no specialist knowledge required for installation
• immediately ready for use!


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Communicate clearly and effortlessly with your customers. Despite masks, face masks and prevention screens!

Our Voice Bridge is automatically activated and deactivated when a customer stands at the checkout or comes to a service counter. A loudspeaker is installed on either side of the placed hygienic screen. Employees can mute their own microphone at will. This microphone is automatically reactivated when the next customer is detected by the infrared sensor. If a cash register / counter is not occupied, there is the possibility that customers can simply press the call button for this (optionally available).

No specialist knowledge is required to install the system:

The speakers have double-sided mirror tape on the back. All you have to do is peel off the protective film and attach the speaker to your hygienic protective wall. Put the plug in the wall socket and you can communicate with each other easily and effortlessly!