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The wis instruction system powered by equiteacher has been on the market for some years now.
Meanwhile, it has proven that it was a good alternative to the expensive sennheiser and senrun instruction systems which until 2012 were the only instruction systems that were available and that worked a bit decently.
The systems of sennheiser and senrun were many times more expensive (sennheiser around 1000 euros and senrun round 500 euros) and many found that just too much money for an instructionsystem.

With the arrival of equiteacher systems, the price went below € 200 and the systems actually worked better than the expensive systems.
The range was bigger, the sound was just good and the price made the systems popular.


  WIS instruction system is compact..( 6.5 x 5 x 1.7 cm )



WIS instruction set works until500 meters away.


built-in lithium battery packthat works for up to 15 hours.

wis by equiteacher may be used anywhere without a license.


has 40 channels which are freely adjustable.
So never hear anyone else on your instruction set.


wis by equiteacher is completely digital, as it should be.

equiteacher wis instruction set

  • Still the best-selling instruction set, fully digital for a clear and undistorted sound. Range in practice at least 200 meters, so more than enough for every riding arena.
    Also unlimited expandable with extra receivers and 2 year warranty.
Delivery time:1-2 werkdagen en gratis verzonden
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equiteacher wireless system met storagebox

  •  The most sold equestrian instruction system, simple to use and fully digital.With sturdy good protective storage case.
Delivery time:1-2 working days and free shipping
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Create your own wireless equiteacher horse riding instruction system

It all starts with a transmitter and a receiver complete with chargers and charging cord, the rest you fill yourself with ..... or not