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Why choose an equiteacher

equiteacher is a wireless instruction system with a transmitter and a receiver with an open connection between instructor and rider, so that up to 300 m away a direct view of your instructor without noise, interference or delay (there is no signal transduction).

equiteacher is not a walkie talkie where a button has to be pressed for transmission or when they have a so-called. VOX setting (automatic send button), the first part of the speech is not sent.

Equiteacher consciously opted for a one-way system, there is an open connection, then it is continuously left behind that there is no delay in the speech or words.

In addition, the transmission and reception quality is of studio quality! so bright and clear that it looks like your instructor is "riding" on the back of your horse. Riding with equiteacher provides more intensive instruction during your lessons and offers discretion when driving before your race.

equiteacher has a mono earplug so that the rider can also perceive sound with the other ear and is therefore not completely cut off from the outside world, stereo earplugs are therefore experienced by many as unpleasant.

Due to the small size, the very light weight and the built-in antenna equiteacher for equestrian sports is a very user-friendly system which made driving comfortable. Ridden an equiteacher once and you never want to be without it!