oortje headset equiteacher paardensport whis dressuur

Wireless riding instruction system by equiteacher

equiteacher is the latest generation in Equestrian Instructional Systems
equiteacher is a wireless one-way system comprising a transmitter and a receiver
equiteacher provides continuous connection (without delay , noise and interference )
equiteacher has studio quality sound .
equiteacher has a range up to 250 meters
equiteacher is very small (6.5 x 5 x 1.7 cm ) and weighs only 49 grams including the battery pack
equiteacher has a mounting clip to your pants or jacket
equiteacher you insert the compact design easily into your pocket
equiteacher has no protruding antenna, this is built into the device itself
equiteacher has a rechargeable lithium battery for 12 hours continuous use
equiteacher has a screen for reading volume , channel selection and low battery indicator
equiteacher works in the license -free band and is used throughout Europe
equiteacher is supplied with micro earpiece and battery pack
equiteacher has sufficient independent channels to use several sets of possible
equiteacher has universal connections for all types of earphones ( jack3 , 5 )