wireless instruction system for horseback riding

Why an equestrian instruction of equiteacher equicoach

Why an equestrian instruction of equiteacher equicoach ?
senrun instruction is a wireless system with a perfect and direct display of your instructor without interference or delay .
senrun equestrian system is no radio or walkie-talkie , each time the transmitter button is pressed , or when they have a so-called VOX setting ( automatic transmit button ) the first part of the speech is often away giving the instruction " choppy " and unclear happens ( especially if each short sentences are given instruction ) for example : " More info inside leg " becomes " inside leg ..... " .
In senrun has deliberately chosen a one - way system as there is always an open connection , so no delay or risk of loss of bits word . Moreover, the transmission and reception of studio quality! It seems that your instructor behind your horse " ride it " . Driving senrun provides intensive instruction during your lessons and discretion when warming up for the race.
senrun a mono earpiece so that the rider can still perceive sounds in the other ear and therefore is not completely isolated from the outside world , stereo earphones are therefore perceived as unpleasant. widely
Due to its small size, it is very light weight and built-in antenna is WHIS very user-friendly. Once drove a senrun and you never want to be without !