equiteacher / equitrainer Convenience is human and animal

Easy does it, and thanks to the ever-advancing technological developments is emphatically the importance of the animal taken into account.
The ears, which are increasingly appearing in official terms and be recorded as equestrian instruction systems, are enjoyable for both rider and horse.
Instructors, who must raise their voice for students to achieve are a dying breed.
The electronics take their place, it is the peace in and around the ring and thus the desired concentration as beneficial.
Sennheiser has long been a favorite supplier.
Meanwhile Senrun also an instructional system developed a cheaper variant that approximately one third of the prices charged by Sennheiser costs.
This set offers many possibilities. All together, and after ordering at home comes in a nice briefcase, the cost is 459 euros and includes VAT.

The Sennheiser earphones cost 1200 euros, that's a lot of money. Our variant is equally well suited for the target which we aim. Which consists of professionals and professional hobbyisten.Overigens we not force customers to opt for Senrun. Because many people have been working for years with full satisfaction with Sennheiser and that one should therefore primarily remain doen.De name Sennheiser has been more than 60 years the synonym for top quality products and the best customized solutions for every aspect of the recording, transmission and
reproduction of sound. The company offers a complete range of microphones, headphones, wireless microphone systems, conference and round pipe for sound applications in many industries. The medium-sized company - run by the owners of the family business, and with more than 1,500 employees, headquartered in the German Wedemark, near Hannover.

Sennheiser has four production departments. Two in Germany, one in Ireland and one in the United States. The worldwide network of sales subsidiaries and reliable sales partners ensures that Sennheiser closely in touch with its customers and keep abreast of developments in the market.

Thanks to the large Research & Deve-lopment department in Germany and an R & D office in California succeeds Sennheiser managed to maintain its technological edge. The various patents and Bekro accounts, including an Oscar, an Emmy, a Grammy and two German Industry Innovation Awards are proof of the innovative dyna-mism of this company. Sennheiser Benelux is the importer of the audio products under the same name on the Benelux market

to be charged. addition to its own brands Sennheiser Group (Senn-Heiser, Sennheiser Communications, neumann, small + Hummel), Sennheiser Benelux represents a number of 3rd party brands. Dealers, distributors, owners, resellers and business users around the Dutch and Belgian market for all products by Sennheiser rightly, there are offices in Almere and Zellik.

Good results for Sennheiser in the equestrian world but a small part of their overall product. "This is confirmed by marc Red-veldt, product communication manager of the headquarters of Sennheiser is located in Almere. "Senrun is not a direct competitor of ours, but I see that they specifically cater to this market, as stated hij.De Senrun is on various internet forums with enthusiasm. We provide an excellent price performance ratio

The comments give him equal. The reception is within a radius of 60 meters as good to excellent 'characterized. Affected by ambient noise is not there. Distances enough for a Grand Prix track, says the website. The pupil moves in a constant slope and often in a disturbing environment. other users of the slopes, tractors, speakers and audience delivery and minimize distractions

communication between instructor and rider / horse. A good, uninterrupted communication is obviously necessary to obtain good resultaten.Het product is now used by many top riders. In the Netherlands are among other things Anky van Grunsven, Imke Schellekens-Bartels, mischa pastern, Emmelie Scholtens and clasp Schoots make use of. but also many foreign dressage specialists have discovered Senrun.

For everyone Senrun consists of two tables, a transmitter and a receiver. The instructor talks and explains, the student listens and executes. That the wind without the voice deformed, without the need for a variety of environmental noise. with remarkable ease, because Senrun by everyone gebruiken.En not just one person, but in practice the instructor sixteen students simultaneously bedienen.Door a simple button to run, you can choose from sixteen kanalen.Vrijuit move is no problem, because the tables can easily be attached to clothing. A handy, so called tie clip microphone does its job. The oorschelpje which the student receives the sounds, is equally practical. people with big ears or those with small ears, that makes no verschil.Heeft the Senrun done its job, then the cupboard into a charger receptacle. The enclosed batteries may be provided full load, then more than eight hours service doen.Je you so a whole day inside the hall or outside in the bucket can meet the slag.De configuration works with standard 1.5V (AAA batteries and is a continuous effect. Discreet, purposefully and without hindrance of environment, as is the theme.